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It's been a long time since I've updated my deviant but I've been busy in the meantime... so I have excuses ok?! :P

I've been accepted as a contributor for the music website! It's a pretty cool website so you should check it out, especially if you live in Australia and like to keep up with the music scene!

It's not a paying job or even a major position... but it's a useful one! Basically FasterLouder organise to have their contributors (journalists and photographers) cover gigs around major cities and in exchange for free publicity, the contributors get in free! Free concerts! Free experience! Free portfolio stuff! Score!

So I covered my first gig for them last Saturday. A band called Inland Sea as well as two supporting acts, Jackson Mclaren and The Rescue Ships. Not really my kind of music, but it was still pretty chill (I've been using that word a LOT lately). Nice laidback, cheerful sort of music. Slightly jazzy, mainly folky. Nice stuff. You should check them all out if you get the chance cause they really got the crowd buzzing!

I really enjoyed jumping in getting shots of the bands, the performances and the crowd. It just reinforced my desire to turn photography into something more serious...! :D

Anyway looking to cover more gigs soon, make a name so I can cover some big concerts next year! ;)

If you want to check out the rest of the photos from the gig, I'd appreciate it! Just click this… !

Also been listening to so much electro/synth/dance pop... more people should check out bands like Foster The People, Friendly Fires and Miami Horror!

Hope the world is treating you well all...!

- hArt
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I haven't updated my deviant in awhile, but I really need to. I've got a bunch of photos to upload, I just haven't had the time or motivation to perfect before I put them up.

Yesterday I got up super early in the morning because I got the opportunity to photograph a business forum at the Marriot hotel in Sydney. Specifically the Jakarta Investment and Business Forum 2011. Exciting stuff! Photographing an official event! AND free food! Good times!

So with my Yashica flash on and an "Organiser" badge around my neck, I spent most of the day weaving through crowds of businessmen, crouching in and out of aisles of seats and running forward to get the important shots. I'll admit I was a bit unsure to begin with but after the first 30 minutes or so I got in the habit of knowing where to be and when and got some pretty good shots! Hopefully the organisation holding this forum will have some use for my photos! And even if they don, it was fantastic to have a chance to practice for that kind of setting. Plus! Material for my portfolio! I might upload some of the good ones, but, we'll see.

I've also applied to be a contributor to, a music website that covers a lot of the live events around the major cities of Australia. They work predominantly on the free contributions of writers and photographers but also hand out 'press passes' to concerts if you're good enough! So that would be exciting!

Also. How much does Franz Ferdinand rock? Infinity. They rock infinity.
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So I've had a pretty busy couple of days lately...

First off, had my trial at that photography shop. Seriously, if you enjoy cameras, you have to try working at a shop like that, even once. So. Much. Gear. Everywhere, there were boxes and boxes of DSLR bodies in the store rooms. Shelves upon shelves of lenses. Cases of high-range gear. Tripods. Monopods. Lighting. Straps. Everything. Apparently the amazement wears off once you work there long enough, but I was picking up anything I could find when I had a spare moment. Much fun.

Hopefully I'll get the job there, just waiting on a call back... :)

Tomorrow I'm heading out to a suburban festival too see a friend perform and take some pictures. Looking forward to that, it's got me wanting to go to more public events of the sort, maybe build up experience photographing those sort of events and move into photojournalism? Who knows. Hopefully there are some good shots to be had.

Also the weather is getting warmer. Not sure if this is entirely a good thing, I'm a big fan of winter. But it's got me wanting to hit the gym. If only I had that amount of motivation.

If you're in Sydney there is a Fringe Comedy Festival going on at the moment. I saw a gig the other day with some friends, it was okaaaay. But I'm sure there are some awesome acts.

Also! Photoshop CS5.1 is amazing.

Also, little disappointed in Blink-182's new album. It's very AvA so far. But hey, all bands mature. Just continuing a "meh" streak of music. First Arctic Monkeys, then RHCP and now Blink too... shame.

- hArt
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You know those moments where you come up with some stroke of inspiration and you spend the rest of the time wondering "Why didn't I think of that sooner?"

Yeah well that happened to me the other day. I was hanging out with my friend Ayumi, just walking round the city and Sydney Uni taking pictures when I realised how awesome the set-ups are in those fashion boutique stores. Props, seating, lighting, atmosphere... If you wanted to do a modelling shoot, it's all there! Why not use it instead of trying to organise all that stuff yourself?

So apparently they aren't too thrilled with the idea of me just bringing a friend in and photographing away, but supposedly it isn't a new idea and as long as you aren't planning on selling the photos, all some shops want you to do is call up management to get permission! One salegirl I was talking told me some of the smaller retailers wouldn't even need that much. So that's something I need to try in future...

Also managed to take some photos while I was mucking around Sydney Uni so I'll put them up once I'm done editing them... I'm just so damn lazy.

ALSO! Got a trial at this kick-ass photography store in the City, so I'm pretty psyched for that. I really need a job too and hopefully I'll get awesome discounts on gear!

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Haven't photographed anything in ages. Dunno why, just haven't picked up my camera. Maybe it's a bit of an artistic slump?

The other day I spent a few hours talking about street photography and techniques to some people in a camera shop in Sydney City, which was pretty cool. Heck I even tried out some new lenses. But now, I can only think about how much better my photos would be using a 35mm Prime Nikkor. Gear envy. BUT I need money first and it's hard to come by that without a job, so I applied at said camera store. Apparently I'll find out if I got the part within the next couple days. :)

Also, struggling to get things organised in my life. You know, when you know what you have to do, but you don't have the motivation to actually do it. This really needs to stop before I drive myself mad. I just need to get back on top of things.

On the bright side, I'm hanging out and photographing a friend of mine this weekend, so that should be fun! Now if only I had a prime lens... Damn!


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So I haven't uploaded anything in awhile.

This is because... I've lost my muse! Or more specifically. I've lost my muse in the stuff I've been shooting lately. Still life. Landscapes. Architecture. It used to be there, now it's moved on and is cuddling up to the idea of doing more portrait/people shots.

The problem is... finding people to pose!

Maybe I'm just picky. I've found myself looking at friends lately. Trying to picture them in scenes or poses or anything conducive to a photo. But I'm not quite sure how to approach photographing someone, never had to do it before; ordering them around, brainstorming ideas, picking scenes and clothes and poses.

Nevertheless pretty excited to dive into that sort of thing. So hopefully I'll be putting up some portraiture soon!



I guess I'm starting to think about building my portfolio of photos to hopefully look into getting paid to shoot stuff. I love the idea of concert photography (even minor things) for some of the small magazines and newspapers you find around Sydney. Even club photography but for the moment I hear it's incredibly competitive and I have no idea how to get into it...

Guess it's time to do some research.

Anyone had to put together portfolios? Any tips? Maybe suggestions on how to look into making photography a part-time job?

have hArt...
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Somedays you wonder why you bother. Today, COULD'VE been one of those days for me.

I decided rather haphazardly to dash off to the city today, mainly to dodge a bunch of stuff I probably should've been doing. But whatever. Sydney city is a rather amazing place to live in, let alone photograph. Particularly a little area called The Rocks. The little backalleys, the cobbled pavements can provide some amazing shots (I really need to go back when I find a model :) ) and it's so close to the biggest tourist part of the city for a reason; right underneath the Harbour Bridge and across from the Opera House!

After awhile, you just stop looking for subjects and start shooting everything, because everything looks picture-worthy. It's a pretty great way to spend an entire afternoon, just walking along, finding new things around each corner and you lose track of time. And also the weather...

I was right next to the Harbour Bridge when it started storming and not wanting to wreck my (still) brand-new DSLR I ended up taking cover under a noticeboard; which was the only 10cms of cover I could actually find!

Got pretty soaked trying to make sure my stuff didn't ALSO get soaked and for a moment I kinda regretted it. But then the rain eased up and I couldn't help but notice how amazing Sydney looks in a rain drenched sunset. To make things better, there was a perfect rainbow over the harbour.

It felt very metaphorical and I probably sound stupidly poetic, but things do seem better after the storm.

So now I have a bunch of photos to upload, though I really can't be bothered at the moment! :P

(And cheers to the people in the ice-cream truck for the free napkins to dry my camera! ;) )
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So there are these storm water drains near my old high school in Kogarah, hence their nickname "Kogarah Walls". They would just be boring old trenches in the ground except for the large amount of graffiti artists they attract. I don't know what it is about the place that makes it such a hotspot for graffiti but it's a pretty cool location. I think it's something to do with the relative privacy the location offers but the visibility of the pieces from the train that goes by overhead. In fact that's where I got the idea to shoot a few pictures there; coming home on the train a few days ago.

So I went down, jumped a few fences, got my shoes wet and took a bunch of photos. It's an atmospheric location and better still one that's constantly changing as people paint over and over the older work there. I'll have to go back sometime.
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So I was here on this site a couple years ago for a couple of reasons... To kill time and post forum signatures. Forum signatures. That's mainly what I did. I think that profile is still around here somewhere, can't remember what it was called....

Either way, it's time for a fresh start!

I've been playing around with cameras for a very long time now, though never with any direction or effort. Mainly because my parents were both involved with photography at one point or another. But I worked, saved up and now I have my very own DSLR. A shiny new Nikon D5100.

As of now I have around 50 or so photos, basically just learning the basics and toying around with ideas. Ideas. I have a lot of those... But an idea is nothing without the skill and execution to carry it out, so for now it's just practice, practice, practice! A lot of my ideas revolve around similar themes though; the night, bright lights, the city and the suburbs around Sydney. Lots of still life and long exposure.

But who knows where it'll go from there... Might even put in some of my photo manipulation work. Again. Who knows.

have hart.
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